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Is the Metaverse Ready for a Metaphysical ART CLUB? 456 Collectors Club Announces Public Mint is Jan 23rd


NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 456 Collectors Club, a generative NFT collection by World Renowned artist, Zevi G, announces its Public Mint, which is set to go off on Sunday January 23rd at 4:56pm EST.  The collection sets out to revolutionize the Art Community with the World’s First NFT Art Club, which rewards members with both physical and digital utility.  To learn more about the project visit: Additional links can be found here.


Public Mint opens at the price of 0.333 Ethereum.  The project has opened an Early Mint Allow List with Limited Spots available, which allows minting 1 day early on January 22, 2022.  Registration is Required for Early Mint. Registration can be found at:


Zevi G is a prolific and steadfast artist who uses his studio to bring unanticipated creations to life. In a world where love, unity and kindness have become a scarce commodity, Zevi is determined to make a change using his art and many compelling characters to spread this powerful message.


The 456 Collector’s Club by Zevi G is a collection of 4,560 unique algorithmically created NFTs featuring characters from Zevi G's signature series “456 Land”. Holders become members of an exclusive Art Club and continually unlock redeemable artwork in intervals as the community grows, get access to future community events, and digital experiences.


Zevi G was never intimidated by his underprivileged and very orthodox upbringing, on the contrary, that became the very essence of his strength and will, to turn his life around and reach others with positive and relevant messages.  Each 456 Land sculpture comes with its own personality and features different traits such as the angel with its thin legs and wings, or the soldier with its buff chest. The childlike characters with eyes full of wonder appear as a musician, a roofer, a jeweler, a guitarist; a world of references and emotional memories that is personal and reflects on the artist’s past.


456 Club holders get Utility.  After holding for 1-month owners can claim a 1x1 print of the exact NFT they own. After holding for 4-months holders will be able to redeem a 7 in. by 7 in. Namaste Sculpture in the corresponding color of their NFT. There are 10 different colors available with some colors more limited than others. Each sculpture will feature an NFC chip that provides the owner with continual digital experiences and helps pair the physical item with the NFT.


Anyone who mints 3 or more NFTs is entered into a raffle for a 5 ft. Diamond Hands Bronze Sculpture valued at $175,000.


Each NFT is a raffle ticket to win a 26-inch Diamond Hands Resin sculpture valued at $10,000 - 5 winners total (3 white, 2 Blue).


Join the conversation on Discord to learn more about additional giveaways!

Mint a 456 Collectors Club NFT to join the club and become a member is the first community to dedicate its purpose to spreading the message of love and unity through physical and digital art. Register for Early Access.



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3 dices pictures of ZEVI G NFT collector's club
456 DICE logo picture of 456 collector's club by Zevi G NFT

456 LAND by ZEVI G presents:
4560 NEW NFT'S
JANUARY 23 2022

Zevi G. is a world-renowned contemporary artist known for his iconic large-scale sculptures. The 456 Collector’s Club by Zevi G. is a collection of 4,560 unique algorithmically-created NFTs featuring characters from his signature series “456 Land.” 
The 456 Collector’s Club mixes modern artwork with technology to create the first NFT art club of its type. By holding a 456CC NFT you continually earn limited edition redeemable physical artwork and merch. distributed at project milestones. The NFT also serves as your club membership that grants access to community events, exclusive artwork, and digital experiences. You are invited to join 456 Land as we create a community that shares love, joy, and art!

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