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All about 456 Collector's Club

  • How is the artwork created?
    After all traits are designed and the rarities are set, we generate acode within a program that will generate the images. Although the artwork is created algorithmically, we will create and select the top 4560 designs by hand. There will be a corresponding rarity score however, every single NFT is going to be screened for quality control to provide the best aesthetics for the collection that we possibly can.
  • How are we offering a fair minting process fair?
    The code will randomize all the NFTs so that there is no possible way that anyone can know rarity ahead of mint/release. We will keep 100 NFTs that will be distributed to giveaway winners and used for marketing purposes in addition to a portion that will be kept as Artist Proofs. These 100 NFTs selected will be completely random. We are looking into ways to make the mint/release process as fair as possible and to cater to community preference.
  • What do the attributes and themes represent?
    The overall concept behind the design and attributes of this collection is to identify with all different groups of people by incorporating sports, fashion, arts, professions, pop culture, and a variety of other attributes that collectors can resonate with and enjoy for years to come.
  • Why 4,560 NFTs?"
    Zevi G. wanted to create a community in 456 Land utilizing the number sequence “456.” Thus, he decided that 4,560 was a good number. This number is smaller than your typical 10k collection partially because when creating limited edition artwork, he didn’t want there to be too many copies of each.
  • How to I redeem my artwork?
    Whomever is holding the NFT as of the specified artwork unlock date will be able to redeem your artwork online. There will be a system in place where you can enter your shipping information and the artwork will be in its way once it is ready.
  • How do I use MetaMask?
    It is easy! Head to the source to learn direct:
  • What is an NFT?
    It stands for non-fungible token which is a crazy way to say it's a unique one of kind item that is provably rare.
  • Can I mint on my phone?
    If You Can Use Metamask On Your Phone you can mint from your phone as well.
  • When can I see my NFT?
    We will reveal 24-48 hours after mint. Stay tuned for final reveal information.
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