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Pre-registration required for Early Access Mint

Early Mint Price 0.321 ETH

Public Mint:  January 23 at 4:56pm EST.  Mint Price 0.333 ETH



This project is the brainchild of Zevi G.

He envisions the collector club model as a future standard for contemporary artists to reward their early supporters and collectors with artwork and the exclusive ability to purchase artwork before non-members.


Zevi G. always thinks BIG! Owners of the NFTs now share a vested interest in the success of Zevi G. as an artist overall. While Zevi continues to grow as an artist as the 456 Land community builds, he aims for his artwork, NFTs, and merchandise from this collection to deliver long term value and bring joy to his collectors for years to come.

Photo of XR-ROOM by Prefixa logo in 456 Collector's Club website
XR-ROOM is a 3D professional team that develops virtual galleries, Metaverse settings, and Metaverse avatars. They will flawlessly execute all stages of the roadmap.

A High-tech 3D Art Visualization Company.
They use the best technology available to consistently deliver beautiful 3D and animated renderings of artwork. XR-ROOM has worked with major artists in helping develop and bring to market their NFTs.
Nolcha Logo in 456 collector's club website of Zevi G
A leader in the event space industry for NFTs.
With a focus on fashion shows and consumer goods, Nolcha shows are bridging the gap between Fashion, Art, and Tech.

At their most recent fashion show for Fashion Week in New York, Nolcha Shows featured Fvckrenders crystal collection that earned over 6M during he first day. Their events are always next level, attended by top artists, models, and influencers.
metavate logo jpeg picture in 456 collector's club website by Zevi G Art NFT

Metavate is a dedicated team of developers and creative individuals with a passion for building NFT projects from the ground up. Metavate welcomes and can tackle any custom technical challenges. They offer an all around approach and have experience with all aspects of NFT projects. 

"Art by Zevi G. and 456 Land. Tech by Metavate."

Marshall Gustafson

Marshall worked closely with Zevi G from ideation to execution in most aspects of the project. He has a background of collaborating with artists to assist in developing digital art strategies and displaying artwork online. @marshallpfx on IG.

Photo of an contemporary artist in 456 land world by Zevi G Art NFT
Sample picture of the 4560 NFT collection by Zevi G  - partnership with Prefixa XR-ROOM
Sample photo of Zevi G NFT Collection - Nolcha Shows
Sample photo of Zevi NFT with VR headset and 456 sculpture -
Marshall G NFT Expert at Prefixa XR-ROOM, worked on the Zevi G  4560 collection


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